[Fixed] Mobdro not working – Is Mobdro still down?

Recently a few months ago due to some copyright issue, Mobdro stopped working, then they fixed the Mobdro not working issue. And then Mobdro is back now.

Now you can watch your Favorite TV Show, Live Sports, and Movies on Mobdro Apk as you were using it before.

If in case your Mobdro TV Apk is not working and showing any one of the following errors do use tricks I have shared here to get Mobdro Apk back to work.

Mobdro Common issues Fixed:

  • Mobdro Not working on Firestick
  • Mobdro Sound but no Picture
  • Mobdro Live Stream Offline
  • Mobdro Cant Load data check connection
  • Still your Mobdro is Down?

Here are some most common issues faced by Mobdro Apk users, if you are one of them I have solutions for you just continue reading.

Common errors in Mobdro Live TV Apk

How to Fix Mobdro Not Working issues:

Now I will share a solutions to fix your issues you are getting while using this Mobdro Apk on your Mobile/PC/TV. I will try to cover each issue and even if you face problem let me know in the comment box.

1. Mobdro not working on Firestick:

Here in this case you are using the Fire TV Stick an external android device to run your Mobdro App. It is might possible that Firestick has some issue or need an update, check following solutions to fix the Mobdro not working for Firestick.

  • Check your Internet connection with Firestick
  • Clear all App cache in Firestick and open Mobdro again
  • Update Firestick software/ Update Mobdro Apk. (keep Mobdro old version backup)
  • If you are using Android TV directily install the Mobdro to TV not on Firestick.

2. Mobdro Sound but No Picture:

This issue occurs on TV not on mobile, if you are using the Mobdro Live TV App on your Android TV and facing No Picture issue but sound is working then follow the solution given below.

Although this issue is not usual but you can fix this issue with several solutions depending upon what is causing the Black screen while using the Mobdro Apk.

  • The very First thing is to check your Internet Connection (and Internet Speed also)
  • Then you might have updated your Android OS that is not compatible with Mobdro.
  • Update Mobdro Apk to Latest Version.
  • Try Using any Free VPN and check if Mobdro is Working (country/ISP blocked Mobdro)
  • Use Google DNS in your Router Settings.

3. Fix Mobdro Live Stream Offline:

Getting your live stream while you are watching your favorite show gives more pain I can understand. But Mobdro is a free to use software and nobody pays for the service.

Mobdro Network connection Error Fixed

The Mobdro Live Stream gone offline may happend due to several reason just check some of the following fixes.

  • Check your Internet connection and Internet Speed
  • Try to use any FREE VPN if in case your ISP blocked useing Mobdro.
  • Update your Android OS or Mobdro Apk.
  • The Live Stream issue might be in Mobdro Main server wait for the day to get fixed.
  • the Live Stream channel may found Mobdro apk and blocked the use.
  • If still this issue is not fixed contact Mobdro team or comment below I will try something new.

4. Fix Mobdro Cant Load Data check Connection:

There are 3 possible reasons why Mobdro Apk is showing this message. The most trending reason that everyone believes is DMCA Copyright Action on Mobdro.

mobdro can t load data check your connection error fixed

Yes, this often happens with the Live Streaming Apps due to no legal license to stream some TV Shows, Movies or Sports. And this time it was Hotstar vs Mobdro and mobdro is shut down now.

Another reasons are there might be any Maintainance in Mobdro Servers or the Mobdro App development cause some issue app need an update thats it.

But as per the news trending on Reddit, news media and Youtube Mobdro caught into legal action and may not come back.

5. Is Mobdro Still Down?:

Todays last issue to discuss about Is Mobdro Apk Still down after cauth into legal action? The answer is might be YES!!!

But its not like Mobdro is gone forever, as per the history may apps were banned by legal actions as Mobdro is banned.

But somehow by Using VPN or with new Name and new Servers that Live Streming apps are live again.

And as per the popularity and customer fan base of Mobdro it is possible that Mobdro is still working with VPN trick or it will come back with new name soon!!


Live Streaming Apps are not bad or illegeal every time, but the free use make them used by the users for watching Pirated or copyrighted content and this cause the Legal ban to the Apps.

If you are a mobdro FAN and ready to wait until mobdro is back again you can use these alternatives till Mobdro is live again.

Mobdro Live TV Alternative:

  1. Live Net TV
  2. Crackle
  3. MovieBox
  4. Tubi
  5. Netflix (Paid)
  6. Popcorn Time
  7. RedBox
  8. Popcornflix
  9. Morph TV
  10. Thop TV
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