Troubleshoot | Firestick Remote Not Working

Amazon Firestick is the most trusted product in TV Streaming devices, it’s still an electronic product and it might happen your Firestick Remote stops working.

Reasons Why Firestick Remote not Working:

So what to do when the firestick remote stops working or does not respond? here is one small checklist that you can do.

  1. Firestick Remote Battery missing? or Dead.
  2. Firestick Remote is not connected Properly.
  3. Firestick Remote is broken due to physical damage.

It’s a Bluetooth remote and has one red indicator that is visible by naked eyes. So even you change the remote batteries and that light is not blinking then there are chances that your Remote is dead.

Firestick TV Remote is not Working

How to Troubleshoot Firestick Remote?

Use the following Guide to Reset your Firestick Remote and Reconnect it to the TV from scratch. Please note if you have not changed your Remote Batteries for 4 months please try with new batteries.

Step 1: Unplug the Fire TV Stick and wait for 60 seconds.

Step 2: Then Press and hold for 12 Seconds the Left button+Menu button+Back button at the same time.

Troubleshoot Firestick Remote

Step 3: Now Release all buttons and wait for at least 5 Seconds.

Step 4: Now Remove the Batteries from your FireTV Remote.

Step 5: Now Plug your FireTV and again wait for 60 Seconds.

Step 6: Now you can insert the Remote batteries back and the Long Press Home button on the Remote.

You will see Green Light on the Remote and a Notification on your TV once your Remote is successfully connected to the FireTV Stick.

If Your Remote is still not Responding, then you need to buy a new one. Check the Fire TV Stick Remote Given below and buy a new one.

Buy New Firestick Remote

Buy New Firstick Remote for - FireStick, Lite, 4k

Features and Price

  • Compatible: All Firestick
  • Comes with All Buttons
  • Technology: Bluetooth and IR
  • Include: 2AAA Batteries
  • Need to Call Customer care for Warranty Details

Till then you can use another alternative as the Firestick Remote check below.

Temperory Alternatives for Firestick Remote:

If a few Buttons like the Menue button on Firestick Remote is not working then don’t worry there are 2 better alternatives that you can use as a fire tv remote.

  1. Fire TV Remote App
  2. Alexa Echo device

The first one is the Android/iOS app as a remote that lets you operate your Firestick on TV, you just need to download the app and follow the instructions.

And the second one is the Alexa Echo dot device in your home, if you have one you can connect the Alexa with Firestick and just say “Alexa, Start Youtube” and much more commands are there.

Use Amazon firestick Remote App:

Follow these steps to use the Amazon Fire TV App as Firestick Remote.

Note: Please make sure your firestick and Mobile with the Amazon Fire TV APP must be connected to the same network.

Amazon Fire TV App Features:

  • Size: 38MB
  • Voice search (not available in all countries)
  • Simple navigation
  • Playback controls
  • Keyboard for simple text entry
  • Quick access to your apps and games
Use Amazon Fire TV App as Firestick Remote
fire tv remote app

Step 1: First download the Amazon Fire TV App on your Android/iOS Mobile phone, and install it.

Step 2: Now open the Amazon Fire TV app and Sign in with the same Amazon Account that your Firestick is signed in on.

Step 3: Start using the App as Remote, you can use the voice remote option and navigation keys with keyboard option on the screen.

Please do use the app in your country and let us know in the comment box how is your experience, and what do you like about this app.

Use Alexa Echo as Amazon fire TV stick Remote:

This is a rare case where some of us may not be using the Amazon Echo dot Alexa device in their home. But as per my experience with the Echo dot, I really liked the way it operates my TV.

My Echo dot is placed in the kitchen and the TV is in the Living room, Whenever I want the TV Access I just tell Alexa to do my work.

Use Alexa Echo Dot as Firestick Remote

If you too like to use your Amazon Echo dot, Alexa, as your TV/Firestick Remote then follow these steps.

Step 1: Open your Alexa App by which you manage your Echo dot and go to Devices.

Step 2: Then click on the (+) Plus Sing to add a new device, and Then go to TV >> Fire TV options in the app.

Step 3: It will scan for the available device and you can add your Firestick to the device list.

NOW, all set! you just need to say the command to your Echo dot and your TV will be operated using the Echo dot Alexa.

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