2 Ways to Reduce Firestick Data Usage [2021]

before jumping to the Firestick data Usage, I want to clear one doubt, Does TV require More Internet Data Than Mobile for the Same video?

The Answer is NO! the Internet Data usage is not based on the big screen you are using, but yes it depends on what quality of video you are streaming.

Let me explain, suppose you are watching a 720p HD Video that takes ~500MB of Data then the data consumption for both Mobile and TV will be the same ~500 MB.

Internet Data Usage in Mobile vs TV
Internet Usage in Mobile vs TV

Then, How to Reduce Firestick Data Usage on TV? so that you can watch more content in your budget data limit.

How do I stop my Firestick from Using More Data?

Here are 2 Ways to Reduce the Data Consumption in Fire TV Stick by changing few settings.

  1. Changing the Video Streaming Quality in Preference Settings
  2. Turning OFF the Autoplay of Featured Content
Set Data Usage Limit in Fire TV Stick

One more bonus Trick is there that I will share after these 2 tricks, keep reading and you can save more data by using the bonus trick along with these 2 tricks.

How to Change Video Quality to Reduce Firestick Data Usage?

Follow a few steps to control the video quality of Firestick streaming quality for that you need to go to the Preference Setting.

Step 1: Go to the Setting menu of your Firestick Settings >> Preferences and turn on the Data Monitoring feature.

Step 2: Now you will see the set video quality option. Go to Set Video Quality Option and set the Video quality to Good/Better.

Set Video Quality in Fire TV Stick to Reduce Data Usage

Good Quality: This will consume low data an can provide you average video output quality.

Better Quality: This setting will consume average data and provide you a decent good quality than average quality on TV Screens.

By changing this setting you can reduce upto 40% of your data consumption by the Firestick.

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Turn OFF the Featured Content Autoplay to Reduce Data Consumption:

One more easy Trick to reduce data consumption in your Firestick is by turning off the Featured Content Autoplay option.

In this feature when you hover over any show in any app you see some play on the screen but that too needs some data consumption.

Lets get started with the guide.

Step 1: Open Firestick and go to Settings >> Preferences >> Featured Content.

Step 2: There you will see two options, just turn OFF both of the options to stop the Featured Content Autoplay.

Turn Off Featured Content both Options
Turn off Featured Content Autoplay Video and Audio option

Turning OFF the Allow Video Autoplay and Allow audio Autoplay option you may reduce more 10% Data consumption than regular usage by your Firestick.

Bonus Trick to Reduce more 5% data consumption:

Based on the user interest Amazon promote the Content Show to the Firestick users in the Featured Content format.

While you are looking for any show in the Firestick Show list you may see any promoted content and you don’t even notice because it is always based on what you like.

Interest based Ads in Firestick

There is no exact data consumption of much these Ads do consume but let’s assume they consume half data than the featured content autoplay then you can reduce more than ta consumption by your Firestick.

Step 1: Go to Firestick Settings >> Preferences >> Privacy Setting.

Step 2: There you will see a option Interest based Ads Turn OFF the Option.

Now you won’t see any ad while you are browsing your Firestick content. Luckily this option is available in Firestick so that you can skip the ads to load and save your time+data over the promoted content.

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