Convert BP to UC, or BC to UC in PUBG Mobile – let’s See How?

Now the PUBG Mobile bonus challenge lets you earn some free Bonus coins or BC and you can convert that BC to UC easily.

PUBG Mobile is in hot water due to the critical criticism of the game in India, but nothing is happening in the way of its continued development because millions of players are excited about sports and its future updates.

PUBG is one of the best updates in mobile, so far the arrival of the much-anticipated zombie mode does not arrive, but if we told you that the fans have more in the store.

How to convert BC to UC in PUBG Mobile?

A recent report suggests that PUBG Mobile will eventually add the ability to convert the Battle Coins (BC) into an Unknown Cache (UC), which has been widely requested by the players and is ignored by the developers.

But Tencent Games will have heard to present the specialty of your crying, though it comes with some conditions.

BP to UC Converter in PUBG Mobile

First of all, players must register Solo for Bonus Challenge, and to get entry, there should be Bonus Challenge Voucher or UC.

There will be three levels to choose from – Novice, Adapt, and Expert. As the name of Tier suggests, anyone should go with someone on the basis of skill. Each player gives war points to players, which can be used to buy UC packs or rare cosmetic items.

Players will be tempted to go as an expert because it offers great awards. Specialists in the bonus challenge get 45 points per hit, while Novis and Educt will provide 15 and 30 points, respectively, Mr. Ghost Gaming revealed.

But it should be noted that opponents in your chosen tier will be matched according to the same, so be prepared for a fair fight.

PUBG Mobile’s bonus challenge will be available after the new update comes and it will be open to all players on Android, iOS, and PC emulators.

The fight will be between 60 players and at the end of the challenge, the top players will be put in the top 30 list.

Like PUBG Crew Challenge players can participate in the bonus challenge. However this time you can not participate as a team or crew. This time the battle will be single, which is a good thing and a bad thing.

Based on your playing style, this new single challenge will prove to be difficult challenge or easier.

Earned coins in the PUBG bonus challenges can be used to get free skins and accessories in the shop. You can also use the BC (battle coins) to get the UC pack, which can be used again to get into the game item.

In the PUBG bonus challenge, you will earn points based on your rank and haul. Each battle point 1 will match the battle coin, while a single kill will give you 15 points.

You will have to register for the PUBG Bonus Challenge in the coming days when the game receives updates. The further date and match time will be provided by the Gods.

What is BP to UC Conversion:

This is Another topic where you need to purchase a Prime Membership worth 0.99$ or 4.99$ any one of them. Then you will get a Daily bonus UC and a Chance to Convert your 5000 BP to 5 UC

PUBG Mobile Prime subscription (0.99$)

  • One time 150UC
  • 10UC per daily log-in
  • Gain RP points
  • Create coupons
  • Room card

PUBG Mobile Prime Plus subscription (4.99$)

  • One Time 300UC
  • 20UC per daily log-in
  • Gain extra XP per match
  • Access to exclusive RP missions
  • Rename card
  • Room card
  • Coupon scraps

Only Prime subscribers would be able to convert BP to UC

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