Public FAQ – Questions About PUBG Mobile

I will try to answer all the questions that a common man asked about PUBG Mobile. Hope You can find your question answer here.

Q 1. pubg mai girl ka character kaise le

Answer: The Girl Character in PUBG Mobile is named Sara.
You can buy Sara by spending UC. Just follow these steps:
1. Go to Character
2. Shift Right till you see Sara
3. You will see the Price in UC with Discount if you have Character vouchers.
4. Click on the Price and proceed to buy.
If you need more help about Sara Character Read our Article about Sara

Q 2. pubg mobile lag karta hai

Answer: PUBG Mobile Lag due to 2 Reason one is the Mobile device and the other is Internet Speed.
You can improve your Game by Fixing lag in Mobile Read Here
You can Improve Your Game by Fixing Lag in Internet Read Here

Q 3. How do gaming youtubers do giveaways like Royal pass in PUBG or UC giveaway what profit do they get from these giveaways?

Answer: Some Youtubers do Giveaways just for fun and some really earn from the Giveaway.
1. Youtubers collect your information to promote their content to you.
2. They demand comment/subscribe and follow to get more views and subscribers.
3. Giveaway videos are most watched topics so they also earn from Advertisements.
4. Giveaway Videos give more shares to their videos and they get free marketing get more views and subscribers.

Q 4. What if we buy companion two times by mistake in PUBG mobile?

Answer: You can not buy the Companion two times. because like in Shop the companion quantity is only 1. When you buy the companion in PUBG Mobile it goes out of stock for you.

Q 5. How to get free elite Royal pass in PUBG mobile?

Answer: You can get Free Elite Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile Upcoming Season by following ways: Get 7000 UC Free Here Limited Time Offer!!
1. Participate in Giveaway
2. Earn Money from Refer and Earn Apps.
3. Playing PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge and win UC Prize.
4. Play PUBG Mobile Tournaments and win UC/Money

Q 6. How much money will get PUBG corporation company in a year?

Answer: The PUBG Mobile Company Tencent Gaming earn a total of $3 billion (roughly Rs. 22,457 crores). in this Year of 2020.

Q 7. How many hours we can continuously play PUBG on 5000mah battery?

Answer: Approximately with 5020mAH battery you can play the PUBG Mobile for 3 hours continuously. The Normal use of 5020mAH battery backup is around 1 and a half-day.

Q 8. My son is playing PUBG so much, how to control him he is going to be addicted what to PLS suggest

Answer: It is a really bad thing that your Son is addicted to PUBG Mobile Game. It can harm your child’s mental and physical health. You can check these symptoms to check the PUBG Mobile Addiction
Suggestion: I would suggest to make some free time and ask him to spend some time with family. Play some offline games with him. Ask his friends to come home and spend some time playing and do offline activities. Reward your son for doing such offline activities, and also talk with him about how addiction works and how it can destroy his life.

Q 9. Which site is safe for buy PUBG UC is it midasbuy or razorpay?

Answer: I don’t know about the Razorpay website, but when I bought UC from Midasbuy, then it also allowed me to buy UC worth β‚Ή10 only. And I got UC in my account within 1 minute. SO I can say Midasbuy is the best website to buy PUBG Mobile UC.
Midasbuy Free Giveaway Outfit

Q 10. pubg mobile me mobile no lete h kya

Answer: Yes!! But it is your choice if you want to add the Mobile number in Profile Settings or not. But You can log in to PUBG Mobile by using Gmail or Facebook only.

Q 11. PUBG game using more data while playing how to solve it

Answer: When we Update PUBG Mobile to new version there are some in-game file that runs on 4g or wifi in background. Check for them if you don’t need then turn off the downloads.
PUBG Mobile does not take more than 1.5 GB data a day. If you play for 6 Hours.

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