PUBG PK v2.0 – Download PUBG Mobile in Pakistan

Looking for PUBG PK v2.0? Here you will find different links to download PUBG Mobile Apk in Pakistan.

Just like in India or other countries due to addiction and suicide cases by teenagers PUBG Mobile was banned by the Pakistan government also.

The Telecom Ministry of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and similar countries have banned access to download PUBG Mobile directly.

But Even if PUBG Mobile is not available to download in Pakistan you can play the game easily without a VPN.

Disclaimer: Just because we can not control the Addiction blaming PUBG Mobile is not right. PUBG is just a game addiction that can be found in anything we overuse.

PUBG PK v2.0 Download Link: 2022

You might have faced difficulty in downloading or updating the PUBG Pk latest version today 2022 from the Google Play Store.

But there are lots of app stores that are still providing the PUBG Mobile Download Link in Pakistan and you can enjoy the same game now.

Step 1: First you need to Uninstall the PUBG Mobile OLD Version if you have any.

Step 2: Then Visit the Download Link for PUBG Mobile and Download the PUBG Pk file.

Step 3: Now Once the downloading is completed install the PUBG Mobile Game.

Step 4: Once the Installation is complete Open the Game and Login with your Facebook Id.

Step 5: If you face any issues close all Applications clear the cache and Try to Log in Again.

Download PUBG PK 2.0 PUBG Mobile Apk

What is PUBG Mobile PK? What’s New in PUBG PK v2.0?

PUBG PK or PUBG Mobile Pakistan is no new game its the PUBG Mobile itself, just because this game is banned by the government lots of players are looking for a new download link.

Here it comes with the separate Name PUBG Pk or PUBG Mobile Pakistan. Although Based on the Population of Players and Royale Pass Purchased. PUBG Mobile has launched country-specific games in many countries.

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India – for Indians
  • Game For Peace – for China
  • PUBG Mobile Kr – for Korea and japan
  • PUBG Mobile TW – for Taiwan

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And I hope if Pakistan PUBG Lovers keep posting and show their craze about PUBG Mobile to the Krafton then we will see a PUBG Mobile Pakistan Game soon.

As per the Latest Ban news in India PUBG Mobile was no longer available for 9 months and suddenly on 2nd July 2021, Krafton announced the BGMI APK.

The BGMI is a result of continuous efforts of the PUBG Mobile Fan base in India. Similarly, we have a huge fan base in Pakistan too and this fan base can bring a Country Specific Game like PUBG PK soon.

Pros and Cons of PUBG PK or PUBG Mobile:

Let’s come to the reality of the Mobile Gaming industry, especially the Battlegrounds Gaming industry.

There are both Pros and cons to Playing PUBG PK or PUBG Mobile. You have seen both but some of us might focus on the dark side only.


  • PUBG Mobile is a Game, not an addiction, it depends on the Player and family members to control the Addiction.
  • By Playing PUBG Mobile Lots of Players have earned Fame and Money without compromising their health
  • PUBG PK or PUBG Mobile is a choice and Free to Play Game it is not your Social Representation.
  • Just like other Games PUBG Mobile follows guidelines and warns players about addiction.
  • PUBG Mobile requires Data to Play so If you cut off the Internet you can get Free from Addiction.


  • PUBG Mobile collects your Data and Rest is a mystory
  • Due to the Gaming nature, this game has become a Pride status rather than just a game.
  • Overplaying PUBG Mobile can feel you Sik and you can find difficulty while sleeping.
  • PUBG KR Pride attention can make any teenager spend their parent’s money without control.


Just like other games, PUBG Mobile is also a game, and addiction can be controlled by the parents of their children.

The best part that I like about PUBG is it’s an online game so you can easily get cut off from the game by shutting down the Internet.

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