Get 10,000 Free UC in PUBG Mobile – PUBG 300 UC Buy Free

First-ever a Limited Time 10,000 PUBG UC Hack is online!! for Free UC in PUBG Mobile, 10,000 UC is just a number, If you follow the tricks here you can get Unlimited Free UC in PUBG Mobile lifetime.

It’s been 3 years since PUBG Mobile is still the number one Mobile Game in the world, and day by day it’s getting better now. And if you are following us then you might know about the new PUBG Mobile that is PUBG New State is releasing soon.

Once the new PUBG Mobile or PUBG New State is launched then demand Free UC in PUBG Mobile or let’s say Free UC in PUBG New State will increase. Then you will need some new tricks, so just click on the Bell Icon and subscribe to this blog.

I am going to share here some easy ways to earn some PUBG Mobile Free UC and you can buy a Royale pass from it.

As you know Hacking PUBG Mobile UC is not possible but we can earn some coins to Hack PUBG Mobile UC.

Also Check:-

FREE UC in PUBG Mobile

#1 Trick to PUBG UC Hack:

The first trick to Hack PUBG UC is here to download some high-paying mobile apps that can pay you much more money for each referral you do.

SRApp NameRefer AmountMin. Withdraw
1Winzo Gold₹222/Refer₹1
2MPL Pro App₹75/Refer₹200
3MiniJoy App₹39/Refer₹1
4PayTM First Games Pro₹30/Refer₹10
5Helo App₹350/Refer₹1

I got these top 5 apps that can give you a lot of amounts in the referral if you download – signup and share them with your friends.

How to Hack PUBG Mobile UC by Refer and Earn Apps?

  • When you download this app and signup you get a signup bonus in your App wallet.
  • Then you will find some other money-earning steps within this app.
  • One trick is to Refer the app to your friend and get the referral amount on each signup.
  • All these apps support the PayTM withdrawal system, so you can collect all your money in one place.
  • The more you share the more you will earn. This earned cash can be used to get Free UC in PUBG Mobile.

#2 Trick Buy Prime Pass and Get UC Free:

You have an option in PUBG Mobile where you can buy UC For Free, that is you buy the Prime Pass and then get daily UC.

In the first trick we have earned some cash to get the free UC in PUBG Mobile, now you have the money you can either the Prime Pass or Royale Pass.

The Prime pass is limited time and the Monthly billed pass where you can get a fixed amount of UC per day login.

Prime and Prime Plus Subscription for Free UC

How to Buy Free UC by Buying Royale Pass?

  • When You Buy a Royale Pass worth 600 UC or More You become a Prime PUBG Member
  • And after paying and completing missions you earn some extra rewards.
  • Along with this, you get a 30 UC Pack after some levels till Level 100
  • If we calculate this 30 UC Pack you get around 600 UC Back. This means you get all your UC back.
  • You can use this 600 UC that you get for free to purchase a new Pass or Some Paid Items.

Where in Royale Pass if you buy it you unlock all Rewards in the current Season with a fixed amount of 30 UC on some stages of Royale Pass Level.

To buy the Royale Pass you need 600 UC but, when you play the PUBG Mobile till 100 RP level you get a total of 600 UC back, this continues till lifetime.

#3 Trick Participate in Giveaways:

This one is somehow ego hurting or Luck factor for some of us, I said it so because I feel so unlucky that every time I participate I fail!! so Sad! I know but still, I participate in most of the UC Giveaways.

You will get these PUBG Mobile UC Giveaways on Youtube – Those who have a PUBG Mobile channel gives some amount of UC to their regular audience with Lucky Draw.

Get PUBG Mobile Free UC - and Royape Pass Giveaway

How to Get Free UC by PUBG Mobile Giveaways?

  • Find the Youtube channels that have Free UC Giveaway on their channel.
  • Learn the task and rules to participate in the giveaway
  • Most of them are comment pickers – so use some nice words with your PUBG ID in the comment. do this in every video
  • Then watch their next video and check if you are the lucky winner or not.
  • Also, join their Discord and Instagram in the case to contact them.

PUBG UC Buy Free – How to Apply This Trick?

Just similar to the Giveaway option you can Buy PUBG UC Free with some coupons. This can be participating in groups of PUBG Players or Bloggers, or Following the Big Youtubers channels.

Nowadays there are several PUBG UC wallet recharge options available like MidasBuy. Due to Competition, they provide UC Discount Coupons or extra benefits on Purchasing build UC.

Check 20+ PUIBG UC Buying Free Redeem Codes Before they Expire

From time to time We also create some Giveaway options for UC Giveaway and send some free PUBG UC to our followers. This time I have created one Telegram channel for this, and soon launch some UC challenges or Giveaways for PUBG Mobile India and others.

#4 Trick Playing Bonus Challenge:

I have earned around 2000 UC by playing PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge and so you can. The PUBG Mobile bonus challenge lets you earn some Battle coins that can be converted to UC at some exchange rate of 100UC=1000BC.

How to Play Bonus Challenge and Earn 2000UC?

To play a bonus challenge you need a Bonus Challenge Voucher that is available in PUBG Mobile events now. I recently collected a total of 4 entry cards that will let me in and allow me to join the Bonus Challenge.

Play PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge

Don’t worry if you run out of these Vouchers, You can buy them by spending some Battle coins or UC.

1 Bonus Challenge Voucher = 10 UC OR 100 BC (Battle Coins)

There are daily challenges with different levels and types You can choose any Room depending upon Difficulty and Squad Size from Solo, Duo, and Squad.

How I Get 4 Bonus Challenge Vouchers Free?

There is one Event in the PUBG Mobile Recommended Event Section, where I get 1 Bonus Challenge in every week. (This might be a time-limited event so please check the following steps)

  • Go to PUBG Mobile Event then click on Recommended
  • Check for Weekly Report and then click on Go
  • Then you will go to a page scroll full down and you will see some Rewards.
  • Click on Collect and collect the Rewards there you will get 1 bonus challenge voucher every week.
Get Free Bonus Challenge Voucher

#5 Trick Playing Online Live Stream Tournaments:

The Live Streaming Tournament apps are used by game streamers and you can join some custom rooms with free/paid fees and play just like the Bonus Challenge in PUBG Mobile.

For example, the Rheo App you can download from Playstore has 4.5 Star Ratings and around 1 Million Downloads.

What is the Rheo APP?

The Rheo is an Indian live streaming platform. Here players can engage with any streamer, play in custom rooms, participate in their giveaways, and win Free UC in PUBG Mobile.

You can earn some Reho coins and Cards that can be used to Redeem with PUBG Mobile UC. But use it as a bonus track, because this trick takes time.

PUBG Mobile Rheo APP
Suraj JD is a Full-Time Blogger | Engineer | Content Writer | Working as a Full-Time blogger since 2019 | Creating a Good Piece of content is always my Priority for my Visitors. You can contact me for any blogging query.

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