BGMI Mod Menu Apk Download – BGMI Mod Apk 2022

You might have seen PUBG Mobile Mod Menu, FF Mod Menu but today I will share with you the BGMI Mod Menu Apk that is way better than BGMI ESP Hack.

The BGMI Mod Apk supports all types of extra features, for example, the BGMI UC Hacks, Free Skins in BGMI, Wall Hack and Aimbot with No Ban feature, and Support Non-Rooted Android Phones.

The BGMI Mod Apk not only supports Android Phones but also the Android Emulators installed in Windows PC if you are an Emulator Player this is Good News for you.

Disclaimer: Information shared here is just for entertainment purposes only, we do not promote or share any hacking Files on this website.

Features of BGMI Mod Apk:

Now let’s get to the important point of this BGMI Mod Apk that is the Features you will get if you install this mod.

  • Unlocked BGMI UC upto 1000UC
  • 1 Special Character and 50 Different Skins Unlocked.
  • Aimbot, Wall Hack
  • Auto Healing
  • ESP Hack Menu – one click Hack ON and OFF.
  • Supports Rooted and Non Rooted Android Devices
  • No Ads
  • Anti-ban

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BGMI Mod Apk Download for Free

These are some major features of the BGMI Mod Menu Apk. But this Apk is just more than this, when you install it you can enable a Popup Menu with selected hack options.

With just one click you can turn on the hack then turn it off so this will hide your identity as a hacker.

BGMI Mod Menu APK Download and Install:

App Name BGMI Mod Menu Apk
Last Updated09 Jan 2022
APK Size89 MB
Content RatingAge 17+
Support Android VersionAndroid 4.1 and up
Downloadwait for 10 Seconds
Antiban, ESP Hack BGMI Mod Apk Features

Steps to Install BGMI Mod Menu Apk:

It is very easy to download and install the BGMI Mod Menu Apk you just have to close all recent Apk files, Install the Apk and Then Open the BGMI Game, See the Steps given.

Step 1: Use the Download Link above to download BGMI Mod Apk

Step 2: Now close all recent apps and Install the BGMI Mod

Step 3: Then Open the Mod Menu Apk and then Minimize this app and open BGMI Game

Step 4: Now you will see a Floating Menu on the Left top screen just select your options to enable or disable the hacks.

Warning: Even though the developer says this BGMI Mod Apk is Anti-ban I suggest not to use your BGMI real id when you test this App for safety.

Detail Featuers of BGMI Mod Apk:

Now let’s discuss the BGMI Mod Features in detail, why people are using this mod, and what’s inside this Apk makes it so popular.

1. Unlocked UC Bundle:

With this BGMI Mod Menu Apk, you get a 1000 UC Unlocked that you can instantly redeem with the Shop to buy crates so that BGMI will not get that UC Back from you.

BGMI Mod Apk Features Detail

2. Characters and Free Skins Unlocked:

Just like the Free UC, you will get 1 random character unlocked in BGMI and 50 different premium skins in the inventory, download those skins and use them until you have the BGMI Mod installed.

3. Aimbot Menu:

You already know the Aimbot, this is an advanced option in BGMI Mod Apk. You get a floating menu with Aimbot different options with buttons to turn it on and off.

4. No Ban:

As the developer said BGMI Mod Apk is designed in such a way that your hacks will not be detected by the BGMI servers. And so, your ID is safe from the Ban process that is no Ban will be given if you use this BGMI Mod Apk.

5. Wall Hack:

The Wallhack is another Menu option in the BGMI Mod Menu this lets you see the players that are camping in the last zone. Just turn this option ON to detect the enemies and turn it OFF to be safe from being detected by BGMI servers.

6. Auto Healing Player Health:

Making the player bulletproof may be noticeable to the BGMI Servers, so in this Apk you can choose an Auto Healing option in the Menu to auto recover your damaged health slowly.

7. Support Non-Rooted Devices:

Please note this Mod Apk is only supported in Android, not for iOS, and don’t worry if your device is not rooted it will support it anyway.

If you are a BGMI Emulator Player then also you can apply this BGMI Mod Apk in your Emulator without any extra effort.

8. No Ads:

Even though this floating Menu Apk in BGMI is free you will not see any type of Ads on the Screen while playing the game.


All information shared in this article about the BGMI Mod Apk is not real. All features and installation is a myth. Nobody can hack BGMI Game and if you get such an app to install then be aware because they are here to hack your phone, not the BGMI Game.

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