What happens when you whisper to Alexa?

Recently I bought 2 Amazon Echo in a 50% offer from amazon. Then I found what happens when you whisper to Alexa!! This experience was really funny and amazing because a machine was talking the same way as a human response to me.

By the way, let me introduce Alexa first; The Alexa is an Artificial Intelligence program just like Google Assistance that was first used in Amazon Echo.

The Amazon Echo is a hardware speaker that operates on an Internet connection to support the Alexa in your Home by voice medium.

As Alexa is a Cloudbase AI you will need a constant Internet Wifi in your Home if you want to take a 24X7 service from Alexa. Check out what suits you better and choose your Internet Provider today.

What Really Happens when you whisper to Alexa?

The Alexa is a really good AI than Google Assistance in case you want some companion that is not smart but yet it can entertain you. Alexa’s Voice, Her tone, and the way she responds are really amazing.

Similarly when you Whisper to Alexa she responds you back in the same tone “Silent Tone”.

Don’t believe me, Try it on your own and say something to your Amazon Echo or just download the Alexa app from Google Play store and listen to what she responds when you whisper to her.

Alexa Brief Mode and Whisper Mode

You can see another mode over the Whisper Mode in the image above, which is Brief Mode. If you turn on this Brief Mode then when you ask something to your Alexa it will give a short possible answer that you can understand.

Sounds good? if not then I will be back with a short guide on this too. Stay tuned and click the bell icon to subscribe to this blog.

How to Turn ON Alexa Whisper Mode?

There are two ways you can turn on the Alexa Whisper Mode once you setup your ECHO by using the Amazon Alexa App from your mobile that is used to set up and change settings of your Amazon ECHO from Mobile.

Trick 1: Say “Alexa, Turn on Whisper Mode”

How to Turn on Whispered Responses Mode in Alexa

The simplest way to turn On your Echo Whisper Mode is by giving a voice command to your Alexa by saying this: “Alexa, Turn On the Whisper Mode“.

After receiving this command your Alexa will adapt the setting and then whisper to Alexa and ask something and look if she responds the same way.

Trick 2: Change setting usng App

In some cases, Alexa won’t accept the voice command to change her settings. But you can change the setting by using the Amazon Alexa app.

Amazon Alexa App
Open Amazon Alexa App: Go to More >> Settings >> Alexa Preferences >> Vice Responses
and turn on the Whisper Mode.

all set now you can whisper to Alexa and check if she responds to you in the same tone.

What are the use of Whisper mode in Alexa?

There is one option of using Earphones so that you will not disturb your family members at night if you use the Echo/Alexa.

But using Earphones especially the wire earphones is not so comfortable, because the Bluetooth earbuds won’t support Alexa.

  • When you whisper to Alexa it will respond to you in the same tone.
  • Ask anything or play the game with her she will respond in the whisper mode.
  • You don’t have to Frequently turn this mode ON or OFF.
  • There is one drawback if you ask her to play something then that media will not be in the Whisper mode.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Is Amazon Echo and Alexa the same thing?

Answer: No!! The Amazon Echo is a Speaker hardware that houses Alexa in it. And the Alexa is an AI voice Assistance we talk with.

Q2: Is there a monthly fee for Alexa?

Answer: No!! There are no specific fees charged for Alexa, but if you want to use music features like Amazon Prime Music or any special character voice instead of Alexa’s real voice then you will have to pay for it.

Q3: How do I start Amazon echo with Alexa?

Answer: Just simple, Turn On your Echo – Then connect it with Wifi and just Say “Alexa”

Q4: Does Alexa speak to another Alexa?

Answer: If you put two Alexa devices together then it won’t chat with each other. But you can use these two Alexa Devices to Talk on Call via the Internet.

– Signup both Alexa with different user id and Name
– ask your Alexa to call another Alexa by name
– and start talking to each other

Q5: Do you need Amazon account to use Alexa?

Answer: Yes!! It is compulsory to have an Amazon Account to use the Alexa but its not compulsory that you need to have Amazon Prime Account only.

Q6: Can I use Alexa without prime?

Answer: Yes!! You don’t need Amazon Prime Account to use Alexa. But if you want to enjoy Amazon Prime Music then it won’t work on your Alexa device.

Q7: Is music free on Alexa?

Answer: Yes!! If you use extra skills like Gaana on your Alexa then you can listen to music on Alexa for free.

Q8: Do you need WiFi for Alexa?

Answer: Yes!! The Alexa is a cloud base AI so if you are using Alexa in Echo Dot then you need to connect it with wifi as it won’t come with a SIM Slot.

Q9: Does Alexa use data when idle?

Answer: Yes!! In the Ideal Mode for 5 Minit cycle, Alexa consumes 10KB Download and 30 KB upload Data. (according to amazon forum)

Q10: Can I use my Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker?

Answer: Yes!! Just turn on your Phone Bluetooth and start searching, and say “Alexa, Connect Bluetooth” Once connection successful you can use your Alexa as a Bluetooth Speaker.

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