JioFiber vs JioFi Comparison – Which one is best?

Comparing the two most popular hardware in India today, JioFiber vs JioFi Comparison is much easy to understand I will share some points by which both devices are distinguished from each other.

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Here are some Points by which JioFiber vs JioFi  can be compared:

  • Main Difference [Connection Type]
  • Maximum Speed
  • Availability
  • Monthly Bills and Value
  • Extra Benefits
  • Future Scope

Main Difference Between JioFiber vs JioFi:

The main difference as I mentioned already the Connection type Both devices work on different technology but are designed for the same purpose.

JioFiber Vs JioFi Connection Type Difference

The JioFiber is a Wired connection that is given to you from your local ISP (Internet Service Provider) of Jio Telecom.

The JioFi is a Modem Device that comes with SIM Card and can be connected to the Internet like Mobile Phones.

Speed Comparison in JioFiber and JioFi:

JioFiber is best as it is a wired connection and it can be used for high-speed internet services up to 1GBPS Speed.

The JioFi was designed to help people in remote areas or those areas where JioFiber is not reached yet, JioFi is also good but the speed limit depends upon network coverage and the maximum supported speed is 150MBPS.

Availability and Monthly Bills:

JioFi devices are readily available and ready to use in India with a Jio SIM card. You just need to buy it and submit your documents if you need a JioSim. And you can use the Internet and carry where you want to.

JioFiber is not available all over India, it is only available in metro cities and major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, etc. You need to submit an application and the local operator will contact you for further process.

Monthly Billing Cycle:

JioFiber and JioFi are both available in Prepaid and Postpaid Plans, but both are providing different values. For Ex: JioFiber offers Unlimited Internet @30MBPS for just ₹399 per monthWhereas in JioFi you will get similar plans that are available on Mobile Phones.

JioFiber Prepaid Plan Truly Unlimited Data and Voice plans

Check JioFi Data Plans below Here:

If you are getting Unlimited Calling Feature with any plan don’t worry about how to use it. You can use the calling feature by using JioCall AppJust download it connect with the JioFi or JioFiber and enjoy it.

JioFi Prepaid Data Plans

Extra Benefits and Future Scope:

Talking about Future Extra Benefits for Value in between JioFiber vs JioFi then JioFiber wins the battle here. Future Scope for JioFiber is good but what if 5G Technology Launches in the future and we get Unlimited Data Plans on wireless for more cheap prices? That is just a prediction; but for now, JioFiber wins this battle.

Extra Benefits:

JioFiber offers you Unlimited Data + Calling feature with High-Speed Internet and Subscription to 11 OTT Apps.

JioFi can offer you Unlimited Data +Calling Feature but at 120Kbps and to get OTT Subscription your recharge value will increase.

If you are looking for less data work but Portable Internet Partner with compromised Data Speed up to 20 MBPS then JioFi is the Best choice for you. Otherwise, I will go with JioFiber only.

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