How to Earn Money from Google at Home [9 Tips]

Lots of people lost their job, and then some people like me those who earn money from Google at Home. Its been a year since the whole world is in Pandemic, everyone is working from home.

Precaution is better than Cure – You might have heard that before a lot more time. But does we implement this in our Life?

Today is the era of the Internet and lots of people/businesses are earning money using the Internet. Some boys at their age of 16 are earning in Lacks just by learning Internet skills and implementing them.

Is it Possible to Earn Money From Google Staying at Home?

Yes!! It is possible to earn money with Google and other online platforms. Remember if there is one person who can do anything there is an 80% chance that you can do it too; depends on your willingness.

ways people earn money from Google/Internet:

  • Creating a Blog online and showing Google Adsense Ads.
  • Creating a Blog online and Selling Amazon Affiliate Products.
  • Building an Audience on Facebook/Instagram and become an Influencer.
  • Making Youtube Videos Teaching People and Earning from Ads
  • Making Youtube Channel Sharing Knowledge with People and Refer Products.
  • Answering On Quora and Monetizing the Answers or Referring Product there.
  • Building an Audience on Pinterest and Selling Products from Etsy.
  • Collecting Emails and Selling Your or someone else Product to people
  • Playing Games and Streaming Online Earn from Ads and Donation


I want to clear one thing:
Before you choose one trick from the list below; Please look inside you what you are better at.

Because The moment we take any decision based on how much MONEY is involved we take the wrong decision. Thank You!!

There are a lot more ways to earn online, and the best part of it is there is no age limit, or any gender restriction or School qualification-checked for this.

To Earn Money from Google while sitting at Home takes:- 80% How much you are willing to do it + 10% Skills you can share with people + 10% Never Giving Up attitude till the end

Let’s get started with each of the 9 Tips mentioned above I will share each tip in short information by easy to hard ascending order.

How to Earn Money by Playing Games Online?

If you are fond of playing PC/Mobile games and love to chat or talk while playing games; this is the best choice for you to earn money by playing games online is easy for you.

Tings You Need for Live Streaming on YouTube:

  • Gaming Mobile/PC
  • Internet Connection
  • Youtube Account
  • Live Streaming Software

These are basic accessories you might need some extra accessories and you will find those on Youtube just search “How to Do Live Streaming on Youtube

The Proven Benefits of Live Streaming on YouTube Live - ManyCam Blog  ManyCam Blog
source: google images

Lots of free knowledge is stored on Internet today, you just need to be curious to find that.

Building an Audience on Facebook/Instagram and become an Influencer

Becoming an influencer is not so hard, but if you think you will need Millions of followers like Bollywood celebrities to become popular then you are wrong.

“You Just need 1000 Real Followers to become Successful “

The most popular social media today are Facebook and Instagram almost everyone is on Facebook and Instagram. If you have any hobby/interest then start sharing images and posts regarding that.

12 Secrets to Promoting Your Book on Instagram - Kotobee Blog
source: google images

For Ex: If you are good at the workout and love bodybuilding post your daily progress, diet plans, and guide people about how to get a better body figure.

If you do this consistently for 1 Year you will definitely get 1000 and more followers that like you and share your content.

Once you get a decent amount of followers Share Products Related to your Niche here we consider bodybuilding diet plans, protein powders, etc.

After some more successful brands will contact you for collaboration and post their products on your social media account.

You can find more info about this on youtube by just search “How to Get Real Followers on Facebook/Instagram”

Answering On Quora and Monetizing the Answers or Referring Product there.

When You search any question on google you might have seen this website Quora lot more time. This is a Question Answer Forum where anybody can ask anything and anyone can answer it.

Isn’t it cool? there is no need for how much qualified you are to answer any question. But one thing matter how much people like your answer after reading it.

To earn money from quora you need to answer more and more questions with valuable answers and then apply for Quora Partner Program then Quora will start showing ads on your answer and you can earn money.

By using Quora those who are using it for more than 1 Year and answer people question with a better answer, are earning a decent amount of money in their bank account.

How to use Quora to make money - Quora
source: google images

Tips to Answr on Quora:

  • Start by mentioning the question in your answer.
  • Mentions the answer in Bullets/points if possible
  • use screenshots from other websites to prove your answer.
  • add images and videos to give your answer more value.
  • Understand the intention of that question before answering it.

Creating a Blog online and Selling Amazon Affiliate Products

What is a blog? – Answer: A Blog is just your own website where you can share knowledge about what you know but people want.

Just like this is my blog and I am helping you with How to Earn Money from Google at Home. This is cool but a little bit hard you need at least 6 months of hard work to get success.

For Example

If You are better at traveling and love to travel anywhere like other people. But before you go to any place you research about everything like Buses/Hotels/Equipements/Weather etc. RIGHT!!

Similarly, once you have traveled to any place to gather some information and mix your experience with it and write down it on your blog.

With this You can also recommend some bags, shoes from amazon, and if anyone buys that you will get a commission.

There is no limit how much you can earn from your blog if you want to know how much you can earn then I would say Minimum ₹20,000 per month with 50,000 Visitors on your blog.

$70K in Amazon Affiliate Income from ONE Site
source: google images

And once you write a post-it works for you year on year without looking back at it. This is not an overnight game, Hard work and Consistency is the key to success here.

Creating a Blog online and showing Google Adsense Ads.

What is Google Adsense? Answer:- Once you have your blog with some visitors on it you are ready to show ads and earn money, Google Adsense is a website that helps you to show ads on your blog and earn money from it.

As I have mentioned what is a blog in the point above here is one change you can create a blog that can be informational or tips related.

Here even if you share value to your visitors and you don’t have any product to sell/Refer from amazon you can earn money by showing Google Adsense Ads.

Guide: How to Get Approved on AdSense for Video
source: google images

Last Year in 2019 – 2020 I have earned almost $12000 from Google Adsense by sharing valuable content about PUBG Mobile.

But this took me 6 Months of Hardwork in 2019 without a single rupee income in my pocket. That’s why I said “This is not an overnight game – You need to work hard and be consistent

Making Youtube Videos Teaching People and Earning from Ads

Lets say you cant write well then its not like you can not earn money online. Here comes in the Youtube Videos, those who cant write can speak well are welcome here.

For Example:

Let’s take an example:

If you are good at teaching simple subjects like 1st to 8th standard. Then You can find out what are the syllabus changes and what issues are these kids facing.

Then Start making videos and start teaching them about those subjects, once your Youtube channel qualifies some conditions you can show ads on your videos and earn money.

Again I will say this is not an overnight game, you need to do research and find out what issue is there outside that I can solve with my knowledge.

How Can You Start a Career as a YouTuber in India? - Mindler
source: Google Images

Once you find out the issue and attach your knosledge with that issue you can earn money online by any medium.

Second Example:

Let’s take another Example:

Let’s say You have done MPSC or UPSC Preparation in the last 3 years but unfortunately your selection is not done.

Now What you can do is start teaching the new generation students about MPSC and related exams, Tell them your story, teach them how to study fast and what are other exams they can prepare side by side.

During this suggest to them some books study – Give your Amazon Affiliate (Referral) Link and when they buy something you get a commission.

Please note here we did not wait for YouTube to approve Ads on our Videos but earned money with the help of the Amazon Referal program.

Collecting Emails and Selling Your or someone else Product to people:

Now the Most hard and Business oriented Trick, Collecting People Emails/Numbers and Selling them Products.

This is little bit hard and need some business sense to do, I would not suggest this trick as till now I have not tried this too.

Let’s Take an Example:

If you are a small business or you have a product to sell, this trick will work for you just read this example.

Let’s say, You are an expert DIY Greeting designer and you can sell your Greetings for ₹500 or more.
Now what you have to do is create a website with a contact form and ask visitors for their friend’s birthday date, Name, Email, Address, and Mobile number.

And ship your Greeting worth ₹500 for free (or you can ask for shipping charges)

By doing this what you will do is send a free gift to someone’s friend and you get their email, mobile number, address.

Now next time whenever his birthday comes again you can send that friend a reminder and ask them to choose the best of your greeting cards with some discounted offer and add some extra gifts in the cart.

This is how you collect people contact information and sell them your products, by just giving away one free product and then add upsell of 2 or 3 more product.

People really buy if you are good at convincing them; I took this tip from the book Experts Secret you can get this book for free of cost.

You can Get your Free Book for Exper Secrets today by clicking on Image below:

Suraj JD is a Full-Time Blogger | Engineer | Content Writer | Working as a Full-Time blogger since 2019 | Creating a Good Piece of content is always my Priority for my Visitors. You can contact me for any blogging query.

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