HDMp4Mania – Latest Movie Downloading Site [Leagility & Opinion]

There is no doubt you know about the HDMp4Mania website that pirate all types of Movies. HDMp4 Mania has a huge database of English HD Movies Download, Telugu HD Movies Download, Hindi HD Movies Download, Telugu HD Movies Download, Malayalam HD Movies download links with subtitles.

Some top Searched Movies list that is possibly pirated by this HD Mp4 Mania are here. But due to piracy, this website has been removed from its domain name HDMp4Mania1.net

HDmp4Mania - Recently Take Down website by DMCA

Trending Searches on HDmp4Mania:

  • The Wall of Mexico
  • The Wall of Mexico Hindi Dubbed
  • The Devil has a name
  • Agatha and Midnight Murders
  • Blackpink Light up the Sky
  • hdmovies.in and so on

All these searches are found through Google Trends and there are a lot more if I mentioned them all the list will fill this page a long way down.

HDMp4Mania New Site

HDmp4Mania - Latest Movie Downloading Site

Free Download HD Movies

  • Unlimitd Access to HD Hindi Movies
  • Unlimitd Access to HD Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Unlimitd Access to HD English Movies
  • Unlimitd Access to HD Tamil Movies
  • Unlimitd Access to HD Telagu Movies

Before I put my point of view over HDMp4Mania and similar websites; I would like to request you, please do not download any content from pirated websites. These types of websites not only hurt the creator but may use that fund they earned from your download for so many illegal activities.

Don’t Download any Pirated Movie – Use OTT Platforms Like Hotstar – Netflix and Prime Video

image 1

Sometimes when you download any file instead of that Free HD Movie you requested but the file you have downloaded may hack your system and you can lose your personal data too.

What is Piracy?

When anybody launches any product it comes with its originality and the creator holds all rights of distrubution, atleast in Entertainment industry HDMp4mania create a copy and share it on internet without any permission it becomes Piracy.

It is totaly illegal to share the File that you dont own the rights to share or the owner has not given you any right to share. But it is also illegal to consume such pirated file for free/paid.

You indirectly paying such a person you dont know and your money can be used as black money for any illegal activity by that person.

Those who Download Free HD Movies:

My message to those who download such kinds of Free HD Movies that websites like HDmp4Mania illegal website provides the HD and high quality of newly-launched films to their customers as quickly as possible with print qualities ranging from 360P to 720P. 

“Please watch that Movie from any OTT platform because whatever you spend on these platforms is traced and your money is used for good things”

You are supporting those Piracy guys outside indirectly by asking for such downloads on Google and downloading those free HD Movies on your Mobile/PC.

How they Earn Money?

There are several ways these guys like HDMp4Mania websites earn money. But the most common platform is through Ads.

  • When you go to their website you see several ads with any random clicks, background tabs get opened. But your every click gives money to the Website owner.

Just think if as a single person you are giving ₹1 to that website through your clicks; if 1lack people download the HD Movie from HdMp4Mania and similar websites then that guy can earn minimum 1 Lack Rupees from just 1 Pirated movie.

Sometimes when you download the Movie File each download gives some amount to the owner of that website like Hd Mp4mania. This means it doubles the revenue of that owner, and that money is even not able to get tracked.

Is it Legal to Download Movie from Websites Like HDmp4Mania?

Yes, it is absolutely Illegal and harmful to you to download any Pirated material online.

What can we do to stop this Piracy?

There are online Regularities there that control such Piracy or other illegal activities but it’s up to us. The time we stop demanding such kind of “HD movie download, Full Movie HD, Full movie download 720p, Full movie download 480p HD keywords on Google.

What will happen is these types of websites will get stop supplying the Pirated movies and other content.

I know this will not happen overnight but if everyone from us follows this strictly then anything is possible.

Disclaimer: Onpc.pro is an Informational blog we do not provide any kind of Pirated downloads here. In this post, we are just sharing our opinion about how we together can stop the Piracy of any content like Movies, Softwares, and Games.

Suraj JD is a Full-Time Blogger | Engineer | Content Writer | Working as a Full-Time blogger since 2019 | Creating a Good Piece of content is always my Priority for my Visitors. You can contact me for any blogging query.

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