Airtel Fiber vs Jio Fiber – Price/Features Review

Today I will Review the Baap of Internet in India Airtel Fiber vs Jio Fiber and help you to choose which one should you buy and Why? So stay tuned and note down your facilities and match them with what these both ISPs are providing.

Note: Airtel Fiber is also known as Airtel Xstream Fiber.

Airtel Fiber vs Jio Fiber:

So before I start comparing these both let me sum up this Review in my words that which type of user must buy which type of Fiber Connection.

Why Choose Airtel Fiber?

If You are fully Internet-oriented and don’t want any Internet connection, Speed, or Service issue and you can spend a little bit more money on this then Airtel Fiber is the best option for you.

Why Choose Jio Fiber?

If you are not dependent on Internet-only or want an Internet Connection to enjoy TV Shows with some Internet usage that comes under a budget section then Jio Fiber is the best option for you.

SRParameterJio FiberAirtel Fiber
1Types of PlansPrepaidPostpaid
2Welcome Offer30 Days Free Internet @150 MBPSNA
3Installation Cost₹1000 Installation Charge Fixedcustom Installation charges
4Security Deposit₹1500 – if Choose Set Top Box₹1500 – if Choose Set Top Box
5Base Plan₹399 + GST₹499 + GST
6Data Cap3300 GB – Then 1 MBPS3333 GB – Then 1 MBPS
7CallingUnlimited Call with JioCall App + LandlineUnlimited Call with Landline
8Ping~ 15 to 20~5 to 10
9OTT11 OTT Apps3 OTT Apps
10Data + OTT Plans₹999 and aboveJust confusing Customers
11Best Suitable forBudget People+ EntertainmentUltra Gamer + Youtubers

Features of Jio Fiber Connection:

If you are confused in the table above, which explains Airtel Fiber vs Jio Fiber in short then please let me explain each point in detail here. Now you will get some Ideas about Jio Fiber Here.

Jio Fiber Internet Connection
  • Jio Fiber offers Prepaid Recharge Plans the base plan starts with ₹399 +GST per Month Only. With this Plan, Jio Fiber offers to Speed up to @30mbps till 3300 GB and then 1 MBPS unlimited Internet.
  • Jio Fiber offers a 30 Days Free Internet Welcome Plan for New users from 1st Sept 2020. This Plan comes with @150 MBPS speed. Check out More info Here.
  • Jio Fiber takes a Fixed Installation Charge of ₹1000 and if you want to use the Set-Top Box then an extra ₹1500 Security Deposite needs to pay that is fully Refundable.
  • Jio Fiber Modem offers Unlimited Calling, You can use this feature by connecting a Land Line device with the Modem or Simply Setup JioCall App and Use VOIP Calling free.
  • Jio Fiber Ping Latency is high sometimes or in Some areas, the reason behind this is connection type and User Load. Jio has a huge fan base and this causes server load causing Ping Latency around ~15 to 20 ms but this is normal ping.
  • The Jio Fiber Set-top Box is based on IP TV which means you can use it without any dish antenna and enjoy following 11 OTT Platforms for free with a minimum ₹999 per month plan
    • Amazon Prime
    • Hotstar Vip
    • Zee 5
    • Voot
    • Alt Balaji
    • Jio Cinema
    • Lions gate Play
    • Sony Liv
    • SunNxt
    • HoiChoi
    • ShemarooME
    • Jio TV Live (Limited Channels)
  • You can enjoy Live Tv on your TV with Jio Fiber Set-Top Box but there are a limited amount of channels. If you can compromise some channels and enjoy other OTT platforms then Jio Fiber is the best option.

Features of Airtel Fiber Connection:

This Airtel Fiber vs Jio Fiber will end now and you can easily choose what is best suitable for you after I share some Pros and Cons of Airtel Xstream Fiber Connection below.

Airtel Xstream Fiber Connection
  • Airtel Fiber accepts Postpaid billing only. They also have adopted a new feature of Advance billing where users can Prepay the 3 Month, 6 Months, or 1 Year Bill in Advance and the Postpaid Cycle continues.
  • There is No welcome offer in Airtel Xstream Fiber like Jio Fiber is offering.
  • There is no Fixed Cost for Installation in Airtel Fiber Connection, in some places they don’t charge, and in other places they charge for Cable and Installation Cost ₹1000 extra.
  • If you choose to use the Airtel Xstream 4k Set-top-box then you need to pay a ₹1500 Security Deposite that is fully Refundable.
  • The Airtel Fiber Unlimited Base Plans comes in ₹499 + GST per month @40 Mbps till 3333GB after that 1 MBPS speed till unlimited. You can check more plans here.
  • You get Unlimited Local + STD calls with each Airtel Fiber Plan and you can use it with any Land Line device by attaching it with the Airtel Fiber Modem.
  • Due to advanced technology and Less Load, Airtel Offers better Ping Letancy than Jio Fiber The Ping of Airtel Fiber comes ~5 to 10 approx.
  • The Real Confusion: The Airtel Set-Top Box is not IPTV compatible which means when you opt-in the Airtel Set-Top box service then you will get a Dish Antenna and then you need to pay for LIVE TV to watch it on Set-Top Box.
  • If you want to enjoy the OTT Platforms that Airtel Offers then you can access them with your Internet using the same Set-top box. Airtel Fiber offers the following OTT platformsAmazon Prime
  • Zee 5
  • Airtel Xstream
  • If you want to enjoy the Set-Top box then You need to recharge the Set-Top box with Regular HD plans and access Your OTT account you need to pay an extra ₹150 per month if you opt-in any Airtel Fiber plan below ₹999

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question:

Q1: Airtel Fiber vs Jio Fiber which one to choose?

Answer: I will choose Jio Fiber as its a big brand and comes with budget plans and supports IPTV and VOIP calling service

Q2: Does Jio Fiber Provide Netflix in OTT?

Answer: Yes Jio Fiber Provides Netflix basic with a ₹1499 per month plan and Netflix Standard with ₹2499 per month plan

Q3: What are the 11 OTT JioFiber Supports?

Answer: Jiofiber Supports 11 OTT Apps with Jio Set-Top Box with a minimum Plan of ₹999 Per Month with Jio TV Live.
1. Amazon Prime
2. Hotstar Vip
3. Zee 5
4. Voot
5. Alt Balaji
6. Jio Cinema
7. Lions gate Play
8. Sony Liv
9. SunNxt
10. HoiChoi
11. ShemarooME

Q4: Is Jio fiber worth buying?

Answer: Yes!! If you are not too dependent on Internet-only or want an Internet Connection to enjoy TV Shows with some Internet usage that comes under a budget section then Jio Fiber is the best option for you.

Q5: Is Jio set-top box free?

Answer: NO!! You need to Pay a ₹1500 Security Deposite for Jio Set-top Box and to enjoy it you need to choose a Minimum of ₹999 per month Plan

Q6: Will Jio DTH work on normal TV?

Answer: NO!! If your TV supports RCA input only then the JIO DTH will not support your TV but if Your TV has HDMI Input then Jio DTH will support your TV

Q7: What is the cost of the Jio DTH set-top box?

Answer: Zero!! Actually, Jio takes ₹1500 Extra for Jio DTH but it is fully Refundable so I said Jio DTH is free of Cost to use.

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