Tricks to Get COD Mobile Free CP Money and Unlock Nuke Killstreak

First I will share Trick to get COD Mobile Free CP money or Credit Points and then start with unlocking the Nuke killstreak. And final bonus tip to get free CP in COD Mobile don’t miss it.

What is COD Mobile CP? The COD Mobile CP stands for Credit Points that player earns in-game depending upon his/her performance. The player can use CP to buy in-game items and skills.

How do you get free CP in cod?

There is no such app on the play store that will help you to Hack COD Mobile CP Money or give you COD Mobile Free CP.

If you want to check just go to Google Play Store and Search for COD Mobile Free CP and read all reviews for each app.

I have one result for you that has some fake apps that are fake and just made to fool you and earn money by showing ads to you.

Tricks to Get COD Mobile Free CP Money:

But don’t get upset by this I have some real ways by that you can collect some free cash to buy the COD Mobile CP or Search for CP Money Giveaway.

  • Refer and Earn Apps
  • Participate in Giveaways

Trick 1: Using Refer and Earn Apps to get Free CP:

There are lots of apps online and you will find them easily by just searching Refer and Earn Apps on Google or Youtube lots of bloggers share info about these types of apps.

These apps give a decent amount for installing and referring the app to others. You can collect the payment in a single payment wallet like PayTM and later use it to purchase the COD Mobile CP.

Here I know some apps that pay for Refer and earn skim and you can withdraw them.

S. R.App NameRefer AmmountMinimum Withdraw
1Winzo Gold₹222/Refer₹1
2MPL Pro App₹75/Refer₹200
3MiniJoy App₹39/Refer₹1
4PayTM First Games Pro₹30/Refer₹10
5Helo App₹350/Refer₹1

Trick 2: Participating in Giveaways:

As of now, the most popular Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile is banned in most of the countries along with India and due to this COD Mobile is getting a chance to jump from 2nd place to 1st place.

So those players were playing PUBG Mobile on Youtube will slowly shift towards COD Mobile and to get the audience attention they will release COD Mobile Free CP Money Giveaway.

Participate in Giveaway

And here you will have to participate and take the chance. Start seeking for giveaways on YouTube now.

Bonus Trick: Purchsaing the Battle Pass

Rather than spending money on anything online save some money from your pocketmoney and buy an one time Battle pass in COD Mobile.

After this Play till Level 100 of the Pass to get your all CP money back so that you can purchase a new Battle pass just like in PUBG Mobile.

Free CP in COD Mobile Battle Pass

Thats it, You can get the COD Mobile Free CP Money by these ways only and pleae dont try to use any third party app to hack COD Mobile or the CP Money either you will your COD Mobile account get banned or that app will steal your phone data.

How to Unlock Nuke in COD Mobile?

What is COD Mobile KillStreak? The COD Mobile Killstreak is an extra Loadout Facility that Players can use in Multiplayer Battel except for Battle Royale.

Up to 3 Killstreaks are allowed to choose for a match. Players need to reach certain kill points to unlock each killstreak.

Out of the Box, a 4th Killstreak is there that is is Nuke in COD Mobile. When a player gets 30 kill points without getting killed then Nuke in COD Mobile gets unlocked and can be used by the player. (Note: sorry! Killstreak kills don’t count!)

Trick to Unlock the Nuke in COD Mobile:

  • Get 30 Kill Points without getting killed
  • Killstreak Kills are not considered
  • Get all kills in Single Match
  • You can use Killstreaks that will not kill the enemy.
  • Operator skills are allowed to kill Enemies.

After Getting 30 Kills you will get a message of Nuke Unlocked and when you use it, you will see a laptop and your player endering a code as shown in image below.

The Untimate Killstreak Nuke in COD 1

This nuke will start with timer and tik tik sound and it will kill everyone along with your squad and enemy squad.

Here are some Killstreak that you unlock for each kill you get in COD Mobile Multiplayer Match.

Kill PointsKillstreak
30 KillsTactical Nuke
3 Personal Radar
3Shield Turret
4Counter UAV
4Care Package
5Cluster Strike
5Cruise Missile
5Precision Airstrike
7Infantry Assault Vehicle
7Sentry Gun
8Emergency Airdrop
10Chopper Gunner
10White Phosphorus
11Support hello
12Advance UAV

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How many kills is a tactical nuke?

Answer: 30 Kill Points without getting killed are required to unlock the Tactical Nuke in COD mobile.

Q2: Can you get a nuke on New Cod?

Answer: Yes!! The Tactical Nuke is available in COD Mobile for all Updates.

Q3: Is Cod mobile full of bots?

Answer: No!! When you start any battle Royale Game to maintain your interest in the game you face bots for few starting match to increase your Kill to Death Ratio.

Q4: How do you get free CP in cod?

Answer: As there is no Hack or App that can give Free CP so I use some tricks to get Free CP 1. Participate in Giveaway and 2. Using Refer and Earn Apps

Q5: Can you earn CP in cod mobile?

Answer: First Purchase the Battle Pass in COD Mobile then as you reach more and more levels you earn CP in COD Mobile.

Q6: How do I gift COD points?

Answer: There is no such feature in COD Mobile so that you can Gift or Send your COD Points to other Players.

Q7: Can you buy cod points on Amazon?

Answer: Yes!! If you are an Amazon Prime Member then there is one platform called Gaming with Prime. Here you get in-game purchase offers.
1. Get Amazon Prime Membership
2. Go to Gaming With Prime page
3. Click on Claim now below your Game
4. Go to Game Store and Redeem Rewards.

Q8: Can I get a refund on cod points?

Answer: All purchse of COD Mobile Points are final, and are not eligible for any refund. If you do not get any COD Points then you can ask your Merchant for Refund.

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