30+ Best Subnautica Mods by Nexus – Mods and Community

Completed Subnautica! Now What? Let’s download some best of Subnautica Mods and enhance the gaming experience and continue playing just like Minecraft.

Subnautica is not just a Survival Game! once you completed the story you can play it for a long time and spend your time finding new things and crafting your base.

During this, the Nexus Mod community is playing a bigger role by developing creative mods for Subnautica players free of cost. I encountered such 30+ Mods that I could not resist playing with here are they.

Steps to Install Subnautica Mods for PC/PS4/PS5:

Notice: You can not install Subnautica Mods if you are playing this game on PS4 OR PS5 these mods are only compatible with the Subnautica PC version.

Follow these Simple Steps to Install and use the Subnautica Mods on your PC easily. And I will share all 30+ Mods list below this so you won’t get confused about which one to download.

Warning: You need to Signup and Login to download and Install these Subnautica Mods from Nexus Mod Community.

Step 1: First Download and Install the Vortex Mod Installer free version by Nexus on your PC. (Download the One-Click Installer its easy to install)

Download the One-Click Installer Vortex

Step 2: Then Open the Vortex and search for Subnautica Game then Click on Manage Button.

Search for Subnautica Game in Vortex and Click on Manage

Step 3: Then it will ask you to Install one file QMods that is your Subnautica Mod Manager.

QMods Subnautica Mods Manager

Step 4: Install the QMods Manager in the same folder of your Subnautica to avoid any Mod Bugs/Lags

Install Qmods in Subnautica Folder

Step 5: All Done now you can Download any Mod from Nexus Mod Community, Install it in the Vortex Installer

Enable The Mod installed in Vortex

Note: Make Sure You Activate the Mod Installed in Vortex before you start Playing Subnautica.

Video Guide: How to use Subnautica Mods?

List of Best 30+ Subnautica Mods that Made My Day:

When you install any Mod in Subnautica, Please Enable the Mod in Vortex Mod installer and then Check for any advance settings here in the Game Go to Options >> Mods and check for any Mods settings.

Here I have sorted these Subnautica Mods with a sequence of best mods first, then the cyclops mods, then Seamoth Mods, and in the end Base Mods.

Mod Requirements:

Most of the Mods given here are available to download from the Nexus Mod community and the most common requirement by any mod is:

  • QMods Manager
  • SML Helper Mod

Make sure you check the Mod Requirement and read the full guide before download and use it on your Subnautica game.

1. Nitrox Multiplayer Mod:

You can play Multiplayer PC in Local Server in Subnautica, using this Mod. But be careful while using this mod please start with a new game to avoid any loss in your SAVE GAME.

Subnautica is really creative game but it’s so lonely there, what if you and your friends fall into the Subnautica for survival just imagine the Survival fun you can do in the game.

Features of Nitrox Multiplayer Mod:

  • Play Multiplayer Subnautica Game in Local Server
  • Watch fighting your friend with other Creatures
  • Build Base together and build fast.
  • Fight against Lavithans and save each other

2. Warp Shield Mod:

If you have encountered a Warper in Subnautica, then you might avoid them for now. But what if I give you a shield to protect from the Warper Telporting you out of the Seamoth and Prawn Suit.

Yes download this Warp Shield Mod and the Warper won’t take you out from your vehicle from now onwards.

3. All Items 1×1 Mod:

Every Subnautica item is different and it takes different space, but when we go for loot due to insufficient space we can not take enough items with us.

This All Items 1×1 Mod will change the Space requirement for all items in Subnautica to a 1:1 ratio and then whatever you carry will take only 1X1 Space only.

4. Safe Autosave Mod:

The Subnautica does not save your game until you Save the game Manually, and when you save the game it overlaps the older file.

By using this Safe Autosave Mod in Subnautica the game will be autosaved and you won’t lose your data if you suddenly encounter any threat and died in the game.

5. Cyclops Solar Upgrades:

Just like how your Cyclops charges on Thermal energy similarly it will also charge on Sunlight once you update your cyclops with this module.

But make sure you check the mod requirement and install/enable all required mods before using this Cyclops Solar Upgrades mod in Subnautica

6. Cyclops Nuclear Upgrades:

It’s not possible to keep your Cyclops in Sunlight every time you want to charge it. But yes you can build a separate Nuclear Power generator inside your Cyclops using this Cyclops Nuclear Upgrades Mod.

This mod has the same requirements as the Solar upgrade you have to choose which one you like the mos. Please do not overuse and enable the Subnautica Mods if you are not going to use them in the game.

7. Cyclops BioReactor:

The Same Mod to generate Power using biomass, I don’t like this Bioreactor Energy option as we have to look after feeding the reactor frequently.

If you are a BioReactor Lover and want a Bioreactor in your Cyclops you can use this Mod.

8. Cyclops Docking Mod:

This Mod is awesome, Now your cyclops will not need any charger or it will not hit your base anymore. You just need to install a small docking module to your base and your cyclops will get parked there.

This Cyclops Docking Mod is easy to use and your cyclops get auto parked once you reach close enough to the docking station.

Subnautica Cyclps Docking Mod - Park your Cyclops to the Base

You can change this Mod setting from Subnautica Options>> Mods.

9. Prawn Upgrade Access Mod:

The LAVA Zone and Lost River are so dangerous areas where you can’t take the risk to go out and change the Prawn suit Arms or Upgrades.

Access the Prawn Suit Upgrades from Inside

Here comes this Prawn Upgrade Access Mod that lets you access and changes your Prawn Suit Upgrades by sitting inside the Prawn Suit. Isn’t it cool? download it now.

10. Seamoth Storage Access Mod:

Access your Seamoth Storage from inside of the Seamoth by using this mod. I would recommend you also use the Seamoth Arm Mod so you can drill/store more items.

11. Seamoth Arms Mod:

Why should Prawn suit has all the fun LOL! You can install this Seamoth Arms Mod in Subnautica and drill Metal Ore without carrying the giant Prawn suit and Cyclops every time.

You can install any Arm to Seamoth like: Drill, Pickup, and even the Propultion canon Arm too.

Seamoth Arms Mod in Subnautica

You can add more strength to Seamoth and Increase the depth Module by using Mods to drill in the Lost River and Lava Zone.

12. Vehicle Repair Module Mod:

This Repair Module is for Seamoth and Prawn Suit, you can download this Repair Module Mod and install the module on your vehicle.

This Repair Module helps you to repair the Seamoth from inside no need to go out and use the repair too.

13. Vehicle Slot Extender Mod:

As of now you might have got more than 4 essential Seamoth Slots, but there are not more than 4 slots in the vehicle.

This Slot Extender helps you to add upto 12 Upgrade Slots in the Seamoth and Prawn Suit.

Vehicle Upgrade Slot Extender in Subnautice

Warning: If you add any upgrade module in the Seamoth extra slot and then remove this mode you will be lost your upgrade too.

14. Upgraded Vehicles Mod:

You can increase the Seamoth and Prawn Suit Hull Strength up to MK5 which’s 165 Strenght. and double or triple the Normal travel speed by using this Upgraded Vehicles Mod.

Vehicle Upgrade Module increase Hull Strength and Speed boost

Install this Mod and select the Vehicle Speed from Subnautica Menue Options >> Mods and increase the Hull Strength from Modification Station.

15. More Seamoth Depth Mod:

Increase the Seamoth Depth Module beyond 900meters. Now your Seamoth will be able to dive deeper up to 1700 meters after the final depth module.

Seamoth Depth Module Upgrade Mod

Now enter the LaVa Zone with Seamoth using Depth+Hull+Arms Upgrade Mod. No need to carry the giant Cyclops and Prawn Suit there.

16. Better Vehicle Storage Mod:

Upgrade your Storage Module up to MK5 and it will give you 100 Storage Slots and take only one slot in the Upgrade Module of Seamoth/Prawn Suit.

Update Seamoth Storage Capacity

No Need to use multiple storage modules to increase storage capacity just upgrade your Storage module to MK 5 and enjoy.

17. Vehicle Scanner Module Mod:

The Vehicle Scanner Module Mod helps you to upgrade the Seamoth and Prawn Suit to Scan the object. No need to get out of your vehicle to scan the object.

18. Base Light Switch Mod:

No need to use this Mod but just for fun and feeling like Home, you can turn OFF and Turn ON the base light using this switch.

Install the switch at the door enterance and turn OFF the lights to save Power in Subnautica.

19. All-in-One Fabricator Mod:

No need to use a separate Fabricator for Basic Material, Advance material, Mobile Vehicle bay, or Scanner Room fabricator.

All in One Fabricator in Subnautica using Mods

You can craft all in one place. I don’t like this Mod but it’s good for those lazy players who don’t want to carry items from one fabricator to the Modification station.

20. Better Scanner Room:

Improve your Scanner Room Range and Speed with normal updates, and then install this Mod to your Subnautica Game and see the changes.

Scanner Room Update Mod

Normally you can track the camera up to 450Meters but with this Mod you can Access the Scanner Room camera up to 1500 Meters

21. Better Scanner Blips:

Improved Scanner Circle Blips with Distance on it. It will show a small blip for the long-distance scanned items and Bigger blips for near one.

Improved Scanner Circle Blips with Distance Meter

Also, you will see how long is that blip circle so you can easily find the scanned item and grab it. Best suitable when you scan for Sand Stone and Lime Stone the Normal Scanner Room just messes it up.

22. Drillable Scan Mod:

This Scanner Room Mod will show you what type of Ore you want to scan, for example, if you scan for Drillable Ore then it will not show you small metal fragments.

Quite Impressive but I don’t want to use it. Because I want to find out the ore by myself and explore Subnautica.

23. De-Extinction Mod:

If the Present Leviathans are not enough for you to get a thrilling experience in Subnautica. Then use this Mod and get 15 More species of Leviathans and make your survival more thrilling.

24. Base Clocks Mod:

Notice your Time by putting a wall Watch in the Subnautica Base. I think you can use this watch in Cyclops also.

You can go to Subnautica Menue Option >> Mods and change the Clock Time format/Color before you start the game.

Add Clock to the Subnautica Base

There are 2 types of watch Analog and Digital watch with 12hrs and 24hrs type. It will predict the time automatically and run accordingly.

25. Wind Turbines Mod:

There is one more Energy Source you can use in Subnautica that is Wind Turbines. This Energy source gives you 750 Watts of energy to the base with 60% Efficiency of wind.

Wind Turbine Energy Source in Subnautica using Mods

You can try this on the Hilltop island and check the Wind power is good then it can give up to 1000 Watts to the base.

26. Autosort Lockers Mod:

Here are some wall lockers updated to the next level technology in Subnautica Mods. Install one Sorting Locker and one Auto Receptacle Locker.

The AutoSorter Locker will take items from you and send them to the Auto Receptacle Locker according to the category of material.

Auto Sorter Locker system in Subnautica

For Example, The Autosorter Locker will send the Gold to the Gold Receptacle Locker you don’t have to search for it.

27. Resource Monitor Mod:

There are two displays with the small and extra-large size you can attach on the wall of your Base in Subnautica called Resource Monitor.

Resource Monitor Display all items you have in the base Lockers

This Resource Monitor Displays all the Items quantity that you have in your Lockers and you can collect the items by keeping eye on Resource Monitor.

28. Moonpool Vehicle Repair Mod:

This Mod helps you to improve your Moonpool docking system to Auto Repair when a Seamoth or Prawn Suit is docked.

No need to change in-game activity just install this mod and choose the rate of Repair in Subnautica Options>> Mods that’s it.

This Mod is helpful for those who always forgot to repair the Seamoth when they come back to the base.

29. Docked Vehicle Storage Acces Mod:

Accessing the Prawn Suit and Seamoth Storage while it’s docked in the Moonpool becomes a hard task sometimes.

Docked Vehicle Storage Acces Mod in Subnautica

Inspired by the Cyclops docking system you can use this mod in Moonpool and access the storage from one place.

Idea: Place one Auto Sorter in the Moonpool near this Storage Access and Move each item to it. Then you will find all your items in the right Locker.

30. Pickupable Storage Enhanced Mod:

If you have visited Arora Ship then you might find some Bags, but you cant carry them if you put any item in them.

Fill and Carry the Bags in Subnautica

Well not after using this Mod, Yes you can use the Bags as a carrying Storage Module for yourself and put those bags anywhere in the Base.

31. Replenish Reactor Rods Mod:

Good news for Nuclear Reactor users in Subnautica. Now you can refill the used Reactor Rod by merging it with 3 Uraninite in the fabricator.

Refill Used Reactor Rod in Subnautica Game using Mod

No need to use more Glass and Titanium. If you have not created the extra rods in your game just use this mod and enjoy refilling your Reactor Rods.

32. Habitat Platform Mod:

Similar to the Escape Rocket Platform you can build a habitat Platform for your base and build a base above the water without compromising your Hull integrity.

Habibat Platform for building base in the deeper water

See this image and check if you think you will need this Mod for Building base in Subnautica or not.

33. Lifepod Unleashed Mod:

Every time you start a new game your LifePod 5 spawns at the same place. What if you get spawned in a random area and start your new game as a fresh story?

This Lifepod Unleashed Mod helps you to get spawn in the random area on Subnautica and every time you start a new game your Lifepod will not be in the same place.

It also has an animation of falling from the orbit from the Arora Blast and surviving.

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