15+ Best Subnautica Below Zero Mods by Nexus

Finally, we have the Full Version of Subnautica Below Zero, and now let’s complete the story and enjoy Subnautica Below Zero Mods and do some crafting.

Personally, I don’t like the Subnautica Below Zero game it’s too complex or Hard maybe.

Ok, those who don’t know this Subnautica game has 2 parts if you play the Subnautica then Continue playing Subnautica Below Zero. Both have a different story but you must pay the first part first.

And if you want to download the Subnautica for Free on pc then just Purchase the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for ₹50 only.

If you already have downloaded Subnautica Game then you might like my List of Subnautica Mods.

How to Install Subnautica Below Zero Mods for PC/PS4/PS5?

Notice: You can not install Subnautica Mods if you are playing this game on PS4 OR PS5 these mods are only compatible with the Subnautica PC version.

Downloading the Mods for Subnautica Below Zero is similar to downloading Mods for the Subnautica game.

Step 1: First Signup for Free on Nexux Mod Community. You can Signup Here

Step 2: Then Download and Install the Vortex Mod Installer free version by Nexus on your PC.

Download the One-Click Installer Vortex
Choose the One-Click Installer – easy to install

Step 3: Then Open the Vortex and search for Subnautica Below Zero Game then Click on Manage Button.

Search for Subnautica Game in Vortex and Click on Manage

Step 4: Then it will ask you to Install one file QMods that is your Subnautica Mod Manager.

QMods Subnautica Mods Manager

Step 5: You will need to first install QMods Manager and SML Helper so that all mods will work properly.

All Done! Now you can download your favorite Mod open and install it using the Vortex Mod Installer and Enable the Mod to use them in Subnautica Below Zero.

Tip: Please always open the Vortex Mod Installer softer before you open the game, this will help you to avoid your mod crash or game crash.

VIdeo Guide: How to Install Mods in Subnautica Below Zero

List of Best Subnautica Below Zero Mods updated 2021:

Now let’s begin with the Mods that make Subnautica Below Zero more beautiful and fun to play. Being the second part I did not like this game.

The Subnautica was Beautiful, Horrible, and story was awesome.

1. Keep Inventory after Death:

A best and most need Mod in Subnautica Below Zero. You go deeper and deeper and die because of Oxygen.

But if you use this Mod even if you die whatever you looted will not lose. Yes, all your Inventory will be with you when you respawn.

2. Subnautica Below Zero Map:

You need it, even if you played Subnautica this Below Zero game is hard to guess and remember.

Download this Subnautica Below Zero Map Mod and you can Mark the location whatever you find there.

Use M key to see map and use ctrl+LMB to add note to the MAP

Subnautica Below Zero Map Mod

3. Vehicle Slot Extender:

This Mod increases the Upgrade slots of Seatruck and Prawn suit to 12. Then you can add a Storage Module to the Seatruck Main cabin and make it just like the Seamoth.

Vehicle Upgrade Slot extender Mod

4. Easy Craft Mod:

This Mod helps you to craft any blueprint easily and takes all necessary items from a nearby storage locker.

It helps very much when you forgot something to bring to the fabricator and need to go back to find it in the Locker.

5. MoonPool Vehicle AutoRepair:

Just like Subnautica, you can just park your SeaTruck OR Prawn Suit and the Moonpool with Auto Repair it.

This is cool when you have a Base in Danger Area and no time to Repair your vehicle outside the Base Moonpool.

6. SeaTruck Arms Upgrade:

Adds Arms to the Seatruck like Prawnsuit Has, it’s just same as Subnautica Seamoth gots the Arms and drilling became very easy.

No need to carry that heavy Prawn Suit to drill the stuff, you can drill the ORE with your SeaTruck Arms.

SeaTruck Arms Mod Download

7. Seamonkey will not take your Stuff:

Seamonkeys are just like thieves in Subnautica Below Zero, they keep taking your tools and run away. Although they are attracted towards metallic tools because of their curious mind.

But when you activate this Mod they will not steal your stuff and you can interact with them without any fear.

Tip: Well if you dont want to use this mod Simply Use Flare monkeys are afraid of Fire.

8. All Items 1X1:

All Items will take space of 1×1 in your storage and you can collect more items now. Use this mod and any item from metal ore to Seaglide and other items will take only 1×1 Space.

9. Better Seaglide:

A normal Seaglide is not customizable but if you use this mod Better Seaglide in Subnautica Below Zero then you can customize the sea glide.

After using this mod you can use Lshift Key to Boost the Seaglide Speed.

Better Seaglide in Subnautica Below Zero

10. Prawn Suit Storage Access:

Access the Prawn Suit Storage and Upgrades while you are inside the Prawn Suit. This mod makes it easy to access the Storage and Change Prawn suit Arms in an emergency.

11. Better Scanner Blips:

This is must-use Mod in Subnautica and Subnautica Below Zero. You get to see the Distance and size difference on the scanner blip after using this Mod.

Better Scanner Blips in subnautica bz

12. Increase Resource Spawn:

Add this Mod to your Subnautica Below Zero and you will never go out of Resources on the Planet. This Mod automatically increases the rate of Resource Spawning.

Increase Resource Spawn

13. Copper From Scanning:

Bored of Titanium? use this Mod and you will get 50% of Copper and 50% Titanium when you scan any item and you already had the blueprint.

14. Increase Chunk Drops:

No need to use the Increase Resource Spawn rate mod, if you use this Increase Chunk Drops mod. This Chunk Drops Mod can give you any item from 1 to 100 if you break 1 chunk.

You can change the value from the Mod menu from 1 to 100. Means just imagine you broke 1 chunk and get 100 Copper WOW!!

Get 100 Titanium Mod in Subnautica Below Zero

15. Drop Upgrades on Vehicle Destroy:

This Mod is not frequently useful but you can use it if you think you are going to lose your Seatruck/Prawn Suit in Subnautica Below Zero.

Because when your vehicle will get destroy you will get the vehicle upgrades as it is. Then build a new vehicle and use that Upgrade again.

16. Increase PathFinder Nodes:

The Caves in Subnautica Below Zero are quite similar to Maze, and if you get lost in the caves without oxygen you die.

Better option to use a Pathfinder with this mod and you can get up to 100 Nodes per Pathfinder tool and this is enough to get out of any cave.

You can change the Nodes value and power consumption from Mod menu.

Subnautica BZ Pathfinder Nodes increased

That’s all for now, 16 Best mods for Subnautica BZ. This game is just released more people will play this game they will find out more Mods like Subnautica.

I will update this list when I find more Subnautics BZ Mods in the future. Till then enjoy these mods and Share your experience in the comment box.

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