PC Game Giveaways – [10+ Ways] to Download Any PC Game for Free!!

You might be searching for Free PC Game Download or PC Game Free Crack. But wait do you know about PC Game Giveaways?

There is one term for all PC Game Stores. The PC Game stores like Epic Games, Steam, EA, Garena Giveaway some of their games for free to all.

These PC Game Giveaways are like time-limited events and you can grab your favorite game if you get the opportunity. So, No need to look for pirated games anymore right!!!!

Free Download with PC Game Giveaways

How to Check for PC Game Giveaways?

Just like a Coupon website, there are websites online that can alert you about upcoming and current ongoing PC Game Giveaways.

You just need to follow that website alerts for free and keep track of your favorite store PC Game Giveaway event.

1. GamePower Game Giveaways:

Here is the website called GAMEPOWER that alearts you about monthly Giveaway for any PC Game store.

Visit there and check for current PC Games that are free to downlaod from your favorite store.

Click here to Visit Gamepower

2. Epic PC Game Giveaways:

The Popular game store Epic Games also has one section for Free Games, You can visit there regularly and check if your game is on the list for free games or not.

You just have to sign in to download and access the Free Games on Epic Game store.

Click here to Visit Epic Free Games

3. Free Games Subreddit:

While we talk about Gaming and Reddit is not mentioned it incomplete you know. Reddit is more about the gaming community and I love people on Reddit who really work hard for real content.

There are lots of Subreddit about gaming you will find free games and cracked versions or keys for PC games. But I know one Subreddit that sends you alerts about genuine Original PC Game giveaways.

Free Game Findings Subreddit

If you like to follow the Subreddit just use the link below and join there. Keep track of the Reddit notifications.

Click here for Free Games Subreddit

4. Steam Store Free Games:

Just like any other PC Game Store, there is one Free Games section in Steam Store. You never know when your favorite game is being added to that list so keep watch on it.

For that, you need to be in contact with other steam lovers and they will let you know when is the next free PC Game giveaway.

Free Games on Steam Store

Also, there is one Section in Steam Free Game Store called Upcoming Games; keep eye on it.

Click Here to Visit Free Game on Steam

5. Steam Communities Giveaways:

Just like the Reddit community, Popular Steam Communities host their personal PC Games Giveaways and you just have to participate with your Steam ID so that if you win they can send you the game.

There are two Steam Communities that I know you can use them join there and Participate in the Steam PC Game Giveaways and Win free PC Games.

Click Here for Steam Community 1

Click Here for Steam Community 2

If you know any other community please let us know in the comment box so others can take advantage of your help.

6. SteamGifts.Com Giveaway:

Now, this is not any Community or Steam Store. Steamgifts.com is one website that alerts you about upcoming free Steam Free Games for PC.

It is just like a Forum where you can join and some old players will share the Game Free Download Link from Steam Store.

Steam Game Giveaway Links by SteamGifts

You just have to visit the link and claim your Free PC Game from the Giveaway. Steam Sign in is required to access this forum.

Click here to Visit SteamGifts.com

7. IGN Gaming Free Keys:

This IGN website has one section with Keys and you can claim your free game key and use it to activate your game.

I have seen mostly the Steam game list on IGN gaming Giveaway List. There is one more benefit if you purchase the Paid plan from IGN you can get more Premium Games keys that you can use to activate your games from steam.

Please note to claim any Free Key you need to sign up on the IGN website, you won’t see any key without sign up.

Click here to Visit IGN Keys

8. Alienware Games Giveaway Store:

PC Gaming Giveaway is incomplete without mentioning the Alienware Store. Here you get all games Keys for free just need to sign up on Alienware and claim your Free Key.

How to Claim Free Game Key on Alienware website

To keep track of upcoming games you can download the Alienware app and keep eye on what games are on the list of Giveaway.

Click here to Visit Alienware

9. The Origin Store EA Games Giveaway:

The Origin is a marketplace developed by EA Games where you get huge discounts up to 90% off on Paid games.

Here some free Play PC and Mac games are also hosted but hard to find any free game. EA is not supposed to give their games for free they may give a huge discount but not for free.

Get The Free Games or Grab the Deal on Origin Game Marketplace

To claim your Gaming Discount you can sign up on Origin Games Marketplace and claim your Coupons.

Click Here to see Free Games on Origin

10. Indie Gala Gaming Giveaway:

It’s an Online Gaming store where you can participate in PC Game Giveaways. They sold tickets for each game under the giveaway category and the Lucky winner/Winners will get a 100% Free Game key.

Participate in the Indie Gala Giveaway

Websites that Share Cracked/Repack PC Games:

There are some other websites than legal PC game stores that are running perfectly without any Copyright claim. They Provide almost all popular PC games, I will not give links to promote piracy but will share info about that websites so that you will know more about them.

Is it safe to download cracked Game or Key?

No! It is never a safe way to download any cracked PC game and play for free. Always remember when something is free you are the target/product.

These cracked games may contain viruses and they can steal your Information/Passwords and you know what the hackers can do with it.

What is ocean of games?

The ocean of games is one of the most popular Free Game downloading sites, I have not tried but it’s the same category website where you get cracked games for free. And Never trust free stuff on third-party websites.

is ocean of games safe?

No, I would not trust a website like an ocean of games for free PC games. Such Cracked games may have viruses in them and it can harm y Private information and saved passwords.

Here are Two Ocean of Games Popular Alternative.

  1. https://rihnogames.com/ – It has all offline games that you can play almost all games.
  2. https://fitgirl-repacks.site/ – This site provide lots of PC game with reduced size, means you get a cracked game with half of the game size.

Again I will say, I am strongly against Gaming Piracy and the website shared above are just for informational purpose only. I am not promoting gaming piracy directly or indirectly.

Suraj JD is a Full-Time Blogger | Engineer | Content Writer | Working as a Full-Time blogger since 2019 | Creating a Good Piece of content is always my Priority for my Visitors. You can contact me for any blogging query.

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