Affiliate Booster Theme Review | Free Download – Affiliate Booster 50% Discount Code

After getting success in Adsense Blogging I started my career in Amazon Associate that is Amazon Affiliate Blogging. There I got to know about Affiliate Booster Theme and I started using it.

Initially, I faced some issues but then after lots of suggestions, the Affiliate booster Team developed the best Theme for Affiliate bloggers at cheap rates the Affiliate booster theme.

Affiliate Booster Theme and Plugin Review:

Today I will be reviewing this theme in detail and share my personal experience and also give you a discounted link (My Affiliate Link) where you can get the theme at a discounted price.

So, what’s special in this theme and plugin that I am loving it so much and using both of them for all of my Blogs.

The reason is given below, check the demo blog or my own blog where I have used almost all parts of the Affiliate booster Plugin and Theme.

Free Download Affiliate Booster Theme+Plugin:

Yes from this year you can download and use the Affiliate Booster theme and plugin for free. The free version is given with limited access. To download the Affiliate Booster Theme for free click on the Blue button and get your free stuff now.

But I have one secret code that will help you to buy the Affiliate Booster Theme+Plugin with a 50% Discount Price.

If you are ready to get the Premium Affiliate Booster theme click on the Pink Button Now!!

Affiliate Booster Theme and Plugin Pros and cons:

You will get some idea about why I am so much impressed by this theme and not going to change the theme and plugin for my upcoming Affiliate blogging career.


  • Schema Optimized Theme
  • Speed Optimized Theme
  • Mobile-Friendly Desing
  • 100% Gutenberg Compatible
  • Elementor Compatible
  • Easy and Fast Customer Support
  • Cheaper than Other Theme/Plugin
  • 40% Renewal Discount on Actual Price


  • Sometimes you Get Bugs in New Update
  • No Amazon API Integration Option
  • The theme has a lot of options to edit you may get lost in theme designing.
  • For the best result, you need to use both Affiliate booster Theme+Plugin.

Why I am using Affiliate Booster for Amazon Affiliate Blog?

When I started using this Affiliate booster Theme and Plugin there was no Free Plugin on WordPress that can do my work.

But after some time AB Team developed lots of features in this theme and plugin that I fall in love with it.

Here are some features that I love to use in my Affiliate Blogs:

  • The Theme+Wp Rocket gives me 80+ Page Speed Score Result
  • The theme is Schema Ready so I just have to worry about my Content.
  • I can add a Disclosure block in every post by just a one-time edit.
  • The author box is really good and easy to use.
  • The Affiliate Booster Plugin comes with all Necessary Blocks for Affiliate Blog.
  • Detailed Customization options are given in theme and Plugin.
  • The Mobile Friendliness of this theme is Awesome no design is compromised.
  • Theme Design is also compatible with the AMP version of WordPress blogs.

How Fast is a Fully Loaded Affiliate Booster Theme?

  • Google Page Speed Insight
Page Speed Score for Product Review Page by Affiliate Booster
Google Page Speed Score
  • GTmetrix Page Speed Insight
GTMetrix Score for Product Review page by Affiliate Booster
GTMetrix Page Speed Score
  • Featured Snippet Optimized
Featured Snippet Results for Affiliate Booster Product Review

Why Affiliate Booster is Good for you? – Features and Benifits:

When I purchased the Affiliate Booster Theme, I thought everything is in the Theme but later I got to know I will have to use the Theme+Plugin combo to make my blog the best Affiliate blog.

Later I learn one by one how to sue the Gutenberg blocks and how to use Affiliate Booster Plugin blocks in the Gutenberg blocks.

If you have any questions related to this you can visit the Affiliate booster Help page and read the articles.

Affiliate Booster Plugin All Features Explained:

You can do following things if you purchase the Affiliate booster theme+Plugin: Check the Image below and I will explain each block function. I use almost all blocks in my all blogs.

Affiliate Booster Plugin Blocks and their Benifits

You just have to search AB in the search button and all blocks are ready to use.

  • AB Pros & Cons: This block helps you to add Product Pros and Cons with color and icon customization.
  • AB Comparison Table: The first table gives short info about all products we are going to review in our blog post. You can show them using this AB comparison Table.
  • AB Call to Action: Call to action or CTA is an Attention block where you can show an offer to the user and it contains title+Text/List+Button.
  • AB Single Product: Single Product Review Box, here you can add the Product name, Features, image, star ratings, and buy button.
  • AB Notice Block: A simple Notice block with colorful heading background and contains text/list.
  • AB Button: Customizable single Button. Use it anywhere in your blog, if you know how to use blocks then you can use this button wisely.
  • AB Notification Block: The Notification block is like a sticky note in your blog post, you can show it anywhere if you have any highlighted content.
  • AB Top Pick: This block is similar to the AB SIngle Product, but if you want to feature any single product then use this block. I always start with this block.
  • AB Good & Bad Block: In this block, you can compare the Good and bad things of a single product with Product name, features, image, and good and bad things with the button.
  • AB Conclusion: This block is really good, you can summarise all products you have reviewed and finish the article with average ratings with your conclusion.
  • AB Progress Bars: By using this block you can show a progressive rating bar with the Product Name.
  • AB Coupon Box: This is a simple coupon box you can use with Price and Coupon applied for a single product.
  • AB Products Column: You can create verticle Product columns with Product Name, Image, features, and button.
  • AB Advanced Coupon: In this block, you get advanced options while giving the Coupon code for any Affiliate product.
  • AB Title Block: Individual Title block that you can customize with font, color, and other options for that title only.
  • AB Dynamic Block: If you want to use multiple blocks together use this dynamic block, it works as a combination of Rows and columns of any size.
  • AB Icon List: If you want a bullet list to be shown with more design, use this block and use any kind of list icon.
  • AB Star Ratings: Individual Star Ratings that can be placed anywhere in your blog post. No size bound just add and give star rating value.
  • AB Table of Content: No need to use a separate plugin for TOC in your blog, you can add your own table of content using this block.

Affiliate Booster Free Download [No Crack/Nulled]:

If not satisfied with what I have shared above and want more. Then I will suggest you go to your blog WordPress Dashboard and install the Affiliate Booster Free Plugin.

That Plugin is Free to Download but with Limited Access. Then you will get Lifetime Free Access for a few of these blocks I have shared above.

You will get Following Blcoks in the Free WordPress Plugin:

If you want to use the Free Affiiliate booster Plugin then you will get access to following features for free and for lifetime. If you can manage your blog with these features then awesome.

  • Pros and Cons Block
  • Notice Block
  • Notification Block
  • Single Product Block
  • Solo Button
The Affiliate Booster Free Plugin Features

Get up to 50% Discount on your First Purchase:

The website is always on a 25% Discount offer for new members. I don’t know how long this offer will be there but if you use this code I have shared then you can get an extra 25% discount on your total amount.

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About Affiliate Booster Owner:

Affiliate Booster is developed by an Indian Blogger, Entrepreneur Mr. Kulwant Nagi, and his team. They really worked hard and developed the best suitable and low price Theme+Plugin for all Affiliate Bloggers.

The Successful Version of Affiliate Booster Theme was released in October 2020 and later it continuously updating and coming up with new features, all changelog is available here.

If you want to stay updated with the theme upcoming plan and what they are going to include more in it then you must follow the Facebook page for the affiliate booster theme.

Affiliate Booster Theme Review

  • Affiliate Booster Theme
  • Affiliate Booster Plugin

Why You Should Buy Affiliate Booster Theme/Plugin?

The Affiliate Booster Plugin is all that any Affiliate Blogger wants. If you skip the Theme then you must buy the Plugin. I personally like the plugin features. And if you use both Theme+Plugin then you will get Design+Speed optimized for your Affiliate blog.